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Commercial Mortgages

Flexible and Affordable Finance Solutions

Commercial Mortgage from JXP may be the best way to finance the purchase of buildings and land for business purposes and provides the most flexible and affordable finance solution.

JXP Commercial Mortgages are available for a wide range of business needs and properties. If you’re seeking to purchase an enterprise where the business and property are sold as one, you’ll find our competitive Commercial Mortgage packages the ideal platforms to fund your business growth.

Additionally, if you have a large ‘Buy to Let’ portfolio or let premises to businesses, then a commercial Buy-to-Let mortgage may also be appropriate. Either way, you’re in good company with JXP.

Commercial Mortgages – For All-Size Businesses

A Commercial Mortgage is a loan secured on a commercial property. However, if you run a small business and trade from home you may also qualify for a Commercial Mortgage. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been trading for a while or just started a business, we can help organise a commercial mortgage for any purpose on most property types.

We will also arrange your Commercial Mortgage quickly and efficiently, providing clients with a realistic alternative to their banks. We offer a fast, friendly approach in arranging commercial mortgages for:

  • Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • Property Investors

You Have a Friend in the Business

Although Commercial Mortgage interest rates and variables differ from residential mortgages, Commercial Mortgages are more flexible and can carry extra incentives for business borrowers. JXP are committed to informing you on both advantages and disadvantages, so when its time to grow, you can be sure you’ll always get you the best Commercial Mortgage deal and expertise available.

Business Start-Up or Established Enterprise? A competitive Commercial Mortgage deal from JXP will enable your business to grow and realise its potential. And, we can also arrange all the insurance you need to protect your investment, machinery and contents.


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